What is it?

Cultivated or Cell-Based Meat is real meat. By recreating the process that occurs naturally inside an animal's body, this meat can be made without modern animal farming and slaughter. But, how is this possible?


... are harmlessly obtained from an animal in a small amount - from muscle tissue or even just from a feather.


… are fed to the cells, similar to the way a cow is fed grass. Cells grow in cultivators with the same results as if they grew inside an animal's body.

Meat... the end product. Cells are grown to a certain amount, and can then be prepared and cooked the same as any meat.

A better world

Cultivated meat is going to transform how food gets to our plates, while continuing to eat what we love. It's the same great taste - but it's better for our health, the environment and animals.

90% reduction...

... in water/land use and greenhouse gas emissions, addressing climate change and sustainability issues.

No use of drugs...

like antibiotics, hormones, etc., because it is prepared in a sterile environment rather than a farm and slaughterhouse.

No need for...

... animals to be slaughtered by the billions each year to feed our growing population. And just a few hundred have the potential to feed the world.

Watch this short video to learn more about Cultivated / Cell-Based Meat!

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