Classroom activities

The New York Times

Let students see how their food choices compare with those of other Canadians.

Quiz: How Does Your Diet
Contribute to Climate Change?

5-minute presentation

Let students pick a fact from our presentations and expand on it.


Compare nutrients found in different foods (serving of steak vs. beans, cow's milk vs. plant-based milk, etc.)

Small changes assignment

Ask students to consider what impact one small change would have (changing breakfast, meatless Mondays, smaller meat portions, etc). Have students look into how that small change could change their personal health or their food footprint.

Healthier eating

Let students find three recipes they like to eat and identify at least one way that each one can be made using one healthier alternative.

On a budget

Create a healthy meal for under $___.

Nutrition facts

Practice reading nutrition facts for important nutrients like protein and fiber - find out how much fiber they are actually eating per day for a week.

Healthy Food Fair

Have students bring in a healthy meal to share with a list of ingredients.

Food comparisons

Blind taste test different food products (Impossible Whopper vs. Whopper, for example)

Writing assignment

Have students write about "what affects your food choices" before and after the presentation. For older students, include an additional analysis of what changed after the presentation and why.

Argumentative writing

Have students research information based on the presentation, and write an argumentative essay on how our food choices impact the world.


Have students creatively respond to the presentation with artwork.

Homework activity

Have students go to a grocery store and find a number of packaged foods that advertise protein content. Compare number of protein bars for sale versus fresh fruits and veggies at local grocery store.


Have students convert their favorite meal to plant-based version.

Land use project

Have students create a map of current farmland around the world and look at how that affects hunger. What could change if land was used differently?

Potential career projects

What interested students from this presentation? What could they do for a career with that?


Students create informative posters based on the information from our presentation that interests them.

Research assignment

Ask students: What are you interested in (environmental, scientific, historical, social issues, etc)? Can you find additional ways that the information covered in the presentation relates to your own interests?


Have a classroom debate. Pick two sides and break up into teams.


Compare the Canadian Food Guide with food guides from other countries. What is the same amongst them? What differs? How are each of the food guides made (research, funding, etc.)?


Browse this website to find plant-based recipes.

Extracurricular activities


Ongoing internship opportunities or contests from plant-based/cell-based organizations.



Create/start/expand school greenhouse/vegetable garden.


Earth Day

Organize Earth Day celebrations, presentations, or campaigns based on food choice impacts.