Here's what teachers have to say about us.

"I am so impressed with Sally S.! Her depth of knowledge, her gentle demeanor, her tone of voice, smooth delivery... She was just awesome!! I learned SO many new things and I love learning."

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

"Cindi was very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job connecting with my students to provide them with a very meaningful educational opportunity."

Environmental and Life Sciences Teacher

"Jennifer S. did a fantastic job presenting to our classes today. Our students are Junior and Seniors so they asked some challenging questions and her responses were wonderful."

Environmental and Life Sciences Teacher

"Chelsea was extremely personable and the students really connected with her. The information was right on time and students were very engaged."

English Teacher

"Donya was awesome! Great information and interesting videos. Students loved the presentation and found it incredible interesting. Donya did a fantastic job!"

Environmental and Life Sciences Teacher

"I want to thank Sarah for her presentation. She was professional and knowledgeable and handled the classroom management side of things very well. Her information was relevant and accessible for the students, and I intend to incorporate her lessons into my assessments for this Health unit."

Social Sciences Teacher

"Mia G. was an excellent presenter! She did a great job of engaging my students and keeping them focused (even thought they were a talkative class). She knew all of the information of the presentation well, did an excellent job of answering questions, and presented the information in a factual manner."

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

"Lauren did a fabulous job presenting to our 7th graders today. The students were very engaged and walked away with a wealth of new knowledge."

Math Teacher

"Brad L. is an excellent presenter. He was very open to answering student and teacher questions and his presentation was organized and flowed nicely. I have many guest speakers come to my classroom and Brad is by far the best. My students agree that he is superior to any guest speaker they have had this year."

Health and Physical Education Teacher

"Bryan was excellent! He engaged my students and kept their attention throughout the presentation. He seemed very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions. I will certainly have him back."

Health and Physical Education Teacher

"Sarah J. was fantastic. She didn't judge in any way, and was entirely respectful of everyone. She answered questions easily, and was very accommodating with our timetable. I would recommend her presentation to any high school class."

Health and Physical Education Teacher

"Casey C. was a wonderful presenter. She encouraged questions and answered them clearly. She appeared to be very conscientious, passionate and experienced and I would invite her back in again and recommend her and the program to others."

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

"Denise did a wonderful job getting students' attention with information, questions, pictures, and videos. She created thought-provoking questions from my students. They were truly engaged. This is a great topic for them to hear about."

Health and Physical Education Teacher